The Bull Rider's Pledge

by Marin Thomas

National champion bull rider Nash Dean agrees to compete in his hometown rodeo to help raise money for the son of his former high-school crush and trick pony rider, Stella Carter. He chose rodeo over Stella all those years ago, but when the bull Nash draws kills her husband and the money from the fundraiser goes missing...walking away from his first love and her little boy isn’t an option.

While the Knight Agency investigates, Nash, Stella and her son hit the circuit together, taking part in the cowboy Christmas rodeos across the state of Wyoming. As soon as Nash earns enough money to help Stella get back on her feet again, he’ll go his own way. But after living in close quarters with the mother and son, Nash can’t remember why winning another national title is so important to him. Before long Nash realizes that he isn’t just riding for money—he’s riding for a second chance with his first love.

Stella Carter believed she’d banished Nash from her heart, but he’s back, stirring up old feelings and memories that remind her of what real love feels like. But Stella’s heart isn’t the only one at stake this time. Her son is bonding with Nash in a way he hadn’t with his own father. This go-round if Nash is willing to pledge his heart, he might be able to have it all—his rodeo career and a ready-made family.